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Monday, January 03, 2005

Tsunami Aid Pours In -- After Some Pressure

Just to keep up to date with the Tsunami relief. Now the aid is at $350 million! Wow, that's excellent, it went from $15 mil to $35 mil -- then to $350 mil. Maybe our country couldn't open its wallet until pressured to do so amid accusations of 'stinginess.' The truth is, Americans are very good at giving, but the country -- or, government -- sometimes needs some political prodding. It is noble and many people will say 'See? there's the US's donation!' To put things in perspective, $350 million is a drop in the bucket. We are pouring billions into Iraq to 'help the people of Iraq' (by killing them) since the WMD were a bucket of camel. If we are in Iraq supposedly for 'humanitarian' purposes, wouldn't this same reasoning say that we should do all we can to save more immediate problems in the world to relieve pain and suffering?

What is the lesson here for humans living in the early 21st century? In the future, will our grandchildren look at how misspent our treasure is? Billions for war and millions for relief? Wake up America. We could help the world in much more effective ways than causing chaos in the desert. Thoughts?