Where Thinking Is The Bond

Sunday, December 26, 2004

The Free Thinking Association Is Established

Welcome. Today, we begin a journey to break the bounds of box that has been placed around us. No longer will we be labelled "consumers," but rather, "Free Thinkers."

In the days, weeks, months, and years ahead, this association will be dedicated to attempting to free our "democracy" from the subtle mind control that occurs on a daily basis. Whether it's when we see a corporate logo, hear a song, or read a headline, we our being influenced by the very forces that deem our society as "free."

Political, religious, or scientific -- associates of the FTA will ultimately spread and encourage free thinking. Free thinking is not red or blue, white or black, rich or poor. It's understanding and accepting that there is no single perspective. We live in a world of billions of perspectives. The only way to heal is to explore and understand each other.

And so, without any sort of fanfare or multi-million dollar event, the story begins. Read, think, contribute. This is the beginning of the Free Thinking Association (FTA). Perhaps you are already, unknowingly...

...a Free Thinking Associate.

Best wishes now and until next time,

FTA Prime