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Thursday, December 30, 2004

Accept Defeat, Accept Democracy

It appears that losing isn't good enough for Washington State Republican governor candidate Dino Rossi or Ukrainian Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych. The two have something in common. Maybe they're related. Rossi, get over it, you lost in Washington state, the votes were tallied, recounted, and concluded. The Republicans over there are claiming that it is a 'flawed' election! Heaven forbid, an election that isn't perfect? They want a new election. I wonder why. If Rossi was AHEAD by 100 votes, you think they'd want a new one just to make sure the vote is 'legitimate?' Let me tell you something Rossi, that's how it is, you lost, your the loser go home. The democrats dealt with it after Georgie Bush 'beat' Al Gore in 2001 by 537 votes. Gosh, I wonder if they should have had a new election in Florida. Well, they didn't, and no Republicans were lifting a finger despite REAL reports of voter fraud and intimidation. In fact, they didn't even have the benefit of doing a thorough recount in Florida like you had! Don't you feel lucky, Rossi, having a recount of all votes -- and some poor voters whose votes weren't tallied in the machine count? Aren't you glad the Democrats forked over money to do the hand recount so that the election was fair?

Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, Rossi's doppleganger Yanukovych is REFUSING to accept that he lost. Sigh. It appears that some old ways die hard. Yanu (can i call you Yanu?), time to eat your foot and realize that the world has caught on to your deceptive first election. So you weren't reelected. Go home, cry about it, drink some vodka, and accept it, cause the people of your icy cold country have spoken. But realize we feel your pain, I mean, the elections in the US are hardly fair. I'm one of those 'disenfranchised voters' who don't even trust election results any more. But results are results (unless the world agrees they're fraudulent). The ironic part is that our leader supports your opposition & pushed for a 'fair election.' Wow, Georgie wants a fair election?

So, whoever you are, whatever useless country or state you run, get used to the fact that losing is a part of life and that your just look like a crybaby by prolonging the loser's walk home.



Blogger Greg said...

And 3500 more votes than voters in heavily King county is... what, exactly. Sounds like Democrat voter fraud to me.

Frankly, ther eis no need for a revote. Just split those 3500 votes based upon King County percentages from the race, and subtract the resulting numbers from the statewide count. That would result in an accurate result -- and a Rossi victory.

By the way, when will Jesse Jackass come to Washington to protest this documented voter fraud, instead of pursuing his faith-based recount in Ohio? Oh, silly me. He doesn't care if the GOP is the victim of voter fraud, any more than you do.

December 31, 2004 at 11:21 AM


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